Vol. 5. No. 2. (2016)

V. E. Brimkov and R. P. Barneva
Mathematics for applications in imaging – foreword

M. H. Alkinani and M. R. El-Sakka
A modified Block Matching 3D algorithm for additive noise reduction        DOI: 10.13164/ma.2016.07

S. James Immanuel and D. G. Thomas
Two-dimensional jumping finite automata         DOI: 10.13164/ma.2016.08

B. Paria, S. Pratihar and P. Bhowmick
On Farey table and its compression for space optimization with guaranteed error bounds         DOI: 10.13164/ma.2016.09

A. Billionnet, F. Jarray, G. Tlig and E. Zagrouba
A tabu search approach for the reconstruction of binary images without empty interior region        DOI: 10.13164/ma.2016.10

A. Kabani and M. R. El-Sakka
North Atlantic right whale localization and recognition using very deep and leaky Neural Network        DOI: 10.13164/ma.2016.11